Mganga! The Primitive Sounds of Tak Shindo

Greeting Space Cadets, the Lieutenant of Lounge here after a long, bizarre cosmic collecting binge in way out waves of the interstellar sea. I’ve been drifting through the deep, dark pits of the bargain bins ever searching for the rarest of its kind; the mood music that induces melodious escapades of the mind that only the best in lounge can produce. With victory in my pocket, I am back in my rocket with a pile of platters to spin for a chinwag. The first on the turning stylus is the wildest… Mganga! The Primitive Sounds of Tak Shindo.

In one of those rare recordings Mganga! Is the perfect combination of vocalize, music and soundscapes-in this case from the dense jungles of any number of uncharted island in the mysterious pacific basin. Whether it be Skull Island, Infant Island, or Mondo Island you are there watching the lively tribal artisans in their gyrating trance dances before the firelight wearing their hideous masks and ornate fringed garb. The ubiquitous boiling pot brewing with the aroma of festive edibles. You sit there on the edge of your stump listening intently for the distant cry of Kong; eighth wonder of the world as he tears he way through the trees to find you.

Mganga! is one of the best albums I’ve heard in quite awhile and for me is one the quintessential lounge album that embodies all I could ever want in the a lounge recording. Its exciting, suspenseful and thrilling with its lilting melodies that balance the recording beautifully. A must have for every lounge aficionado. 


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