Music From James Bond by Danny Davis

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Quite a few LPs in the movie and television theme legacy are quite generic on the face of it, James Bond being the most covered themes of all time. The musicians, some sited others not, who play the themes as originally intended is quite the tops even if the variation to the music is almost unnoticeable. Why buy more than one if they are all the same. That brings us to Music From James Bond by Danny Davis from the Metro Label!

This album encapsulates some of the finest variations on a theme in the onslaught of popular theme albums. I have heard quite a few of these albums, and when they are in the hands of the bold musician like Si Zenter, Hugo Montenegro, and Danny Davis something quite magical happens. They take on a whole new sensational aspect not just what associated to the movies. They become exciting unto themselves like monster waves peppered by surfers.

The James Bond themes are spiced-up and electrifying almost making them an compelling. A few tracks stand out as rather exceptional. The ‘Peter Gunn’ theme is particularly thrilling in this version by Danny Davis, as are ‘Chamber of Horrors’ and ‘Red Eyed Rats’ which are embellished with sound effects.

However, the most mystifying aspect of this album is that the “Other Music of Mystery, Mayhem and Music” is almost a note for note carbon copy of ‘Creed Taylor’s Nightmare’ LP. I perhaps, remember incorrectly reading the Creed Taylor was the nom de guerre for another musician. I did a quick search on the S.S. Internet but wasn’t able find anything regarding that notion. Strange, is it not?

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