End of AOMR Dai Kaiju Film Series

At last we have reached the end of the All-Out Monster Revolt’s ‘Giant Monster Movie Night’ film appreciation series. It was an experience one that I was sad to see the end of because we were finally gathering audience; an audience of folks who loved the genre. When you have exciting movies and tasty morsels lively conversations will follow.

When the library approached me with the idea of having a movie night, I had two objectives in mind. One idea was to feature both classic films and new films that had some sort of impact on the genre. The other was to bring attention to the All-Out Monster Revolt project. I feel I succeed with the movies but not so well the promoting the project. Always one of my weak points, drawing needed attention to my projects but the most important aspect was the appreciation of giant monster films.

I presented such classics as King Kong (1933) Godzilla (1955) and Gorgo (1961). However, due to technical difficulties I was only able to present one of the three modern cult favorites, which was ‘Monster X Strikes Back’ (2008).  Unfortunately, Gamera The Brave (2006) and Zarkorr (1996); the film I wanted to play the most and the film I wanted to play the least, neither would play on the house laptop and projector set. It always happened when I forgot to bring back-up movies. One of the benefits of having movie night at the library is that they have a video library with a few very good giant monsters.

So when were in a pinch the library supplied me with the Ray Harryhauser classic ‘20 Million Miles To Earth’ and modern ‘Dragon Heart’ (1996) to play for the clamoring audience who threatening to run me up the flag pole if I didn’t show a featured film. Unfortunately, as good as it was ‘Dragon Heart’ was no exception for Gamera The Brave. So those films will have to wait for the next giant movie night series and hopefully by then I will have my own laptop and projector set that will play those movies.

That’s brings me to a late edition to the series but one that made enhanced the enjoyment of movie night immensely. Through the generosity of Tap de Suro Produccions, who makes animated shorts with all the favorites giant monsters. I was able to emulate the old movie houses that played an animated short before each movie. The animated shorts were quite an unexpected treat! 

Now I know what to expect when movie night returns next year I will be better prepared to razzle dazzle the audience with an unique movie experience.

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