Written Remains Writers Guild’s Halloween Celebration

To all you ghastly ghouls and gorgons out there in the nether regions, I send you festively grim greetings! In honor of that most hip holiday of Halloween, 77 Jetset Strip had its first musical matinee of macabre music.

I hauled out my glow in the dark giant green skull, a terrifying Tiki, and African tribal mask. I had bats, ghosts, and ghouls. I had eyeballs, skulls, and monster mucus. I had a candelabra, monkey brains, and dancing skeleton in a zoot suit! I was working on a tiki totem mask but I didn’t get it finished in time. Last but not least, 77 Jetset Strip’s mascot, Travis was on hand for any phantom photo opts!

I spent the two weeks prior to this event digging through the madhouse lounge archives to find the rarest of the hippest spooktacular sound waves. Stuff you just don’t hear every holiday and man oh man did I find some great stuff burying deep in the vinyl graveyard.

The trippiest treasures from the murkiest depths were the half a dozen halloween themed albums by Frankie Steins and his Ghouls. All these albums are full of great swanky surf themes. They were all fabulous but I only included the best of the best on this fest!

Of course I included the theme songs of all those fifties monster classics The Munsters, The Addams Family, Dark Shadows, Thriller, One Step Beyond, Suspense, Twilight Zone, and Night Stalker! Have a Hip-Hip-Hippest Festive Halloween Scream Scene! Yikes! Try saying that three times fast while hoisting a hot toddy high. What? Too much? Yeah I thought so.

Set 01:
Tocatta and Fugue in DMinor - John Sabastian Bach
Lullaby of Ghost Land - Frankie Stein and His Ghouls
Body Snatcher (part 1) - Mandingo
Night Stalker Theme - Gil Mellies
Body Snatcher (part 2) - Mandingo
Hells Bells - Clyde McCoy
Head Hunters - John McFarland
Zombie - Gene Kardos and His Orchestra

Set 02:
The Munsters Theme - Billy Strange
Ghoul Days - Frankie Stein and His Ghouls
Barnabus Theme - The First Theremin Era
The Bat - Alvino Rey
Theme to Thriller - Pete Rugolo

Set 03:
Witch Doctor - Mandingo
Halloween Spooks - Lambert/Hendricks/Ross
Twilight Zone Theme - The Ventures
Dracula's Theme - The Ghouls
Vampyre at the Harpsichord - Unknown
Fear (theme of One Step Beyond) - The Ventures
Monster Motion - Frankie Stein and His Ghouls
Maddness and Music - Monster Music
Dark Shadows Theme - Robert Corbet
Lucifer - Mort Garson
Suspense Theme - Justynn Tyme / Bernard Herriman
Untitled Theremin - Music For Monsters
The Addams Family Theme -

Set 04:
Loop Garoo - Dr. John
Lost Room - Midnight Siyndicate
Tubular X - Mike Oldfield

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