Written Remains Writers Guild’s Halloween Celebration

The day began early with a howl as I crawled out of bed with a nasty bout of back pain. Its not chronic but what a day for it manifest. It was also my birthday and that was the first present I got from that rotten stinking mattress. I made sure I gave it damn good thrashing when I got home. It had been a late night I (tried to) leapt out of bed as early as I could but I needed more sleep. However, that last hour must have been the beleaguering hour. At about a quarter to eight, I got up and immediately began finishing up the finale of my Semi-Aquatic Blue Baker Of Borneo radio drama. I was feeling anxious about presenting it to live audio instead of the faceless internet for some reason, and I don’t know why.
After breakfast and shower, I hobbled out to the truck with all of the boxes and bags and equipment, which seemed like an enormous load at the time. However, when we got to the library there didn’t seemed be all that much. Maybe half of it fell out of the truck on the way to the library I don’t know.

Despite being struck lame and in a hectic daze the set up went very smoothly. Actually, it was almost out of body experience because I barely even remember that part of the day and that is saying something. Usually, I am flailing around on the ground in my underclothes having a mini-meltdown because I have too much to set up and not enough time to do it. Then something goes wrong, something always goes wrong. Although the set went almost effortlessly my table was still in shambles but it worked well. Even though I had skulls, floating ghosts, tribal masks, skeletons, tiki’s, rubber bats and more. It’s never as good as I envision it. I need a whole day to move things around adjusting the display pieces in orbicular centimeters.

Before the doors opened, some dude nobody knew was pressing his face up against the glass salivating over the treat table. He rushed in when he realized the door were unlocked and made b-line for the banquette. We had to chase him away because it was clear he had not come there for the event. However, when the doors officially opened up at 2’oclock and the room was full of people. He rushed back in and started stuffing his face but when the event started, he was nowhere to be found. Hidden away somewhere in the library happily sucking on his fingers no doubt.

We mingled, ate, and drank during the pre-show musical interlude. There was a mighty spread to feast upon spooky cookies, ectoplasmic sticky buns, red velvet cupcakes with bloody bones on top, commemorative orange soda and black cola, as well a deviled hot cider, bags of succulent sweets and a bucket frozen water from an icy grave.

On my table, inconspicuous to the throng I had chocolate eyeballs filled peanut butter, fudge, and caramel. As well as, the novelty drinks Pirate Jack Black’s ‘Blood Red Cola’ and ‘Dead Red Root Beer’ and Avery’s innoxious “SODAgusting, Totally Gross” ‘Monster Mucus’ Soda, which no brave souls dared to try not even me!
 At 2:15pm, the bewitching Countess Masington swooped over the crowd to the microphone on the wings of her cloak where she began the reading with a frightful passage from her story ‘Impresario’. This was followed by Ramona DeFlice Long reading the suspenseful pivot in her ominous tale ‘The Chances’. Then, Shannon Connor Winward read an unsettling excerpt from her maniacal manuscript ‘The Devil Inside’.
During the intermission, we heard even more creepy Halloween classics such as The Munster’s Theme, Barnabas’s Theme from Dark Shadows, Ghoul Days, and the theme to Boris Karloff’s Thriller! But when the music stopped we went back to having our spine chilled by the highly anticipated “snake scene” from JM Reinbold’s harrowing tale ‘Missing’ with haunting beep beep beep lingering over the crowd.

At last, it was time for the special presentation I spoke of earlier in this post. I presented, for the first time to a live audience the audio dramatization of the climatic conclusion to my story ‘Semi-Aquatic Blue Baker of Borneo!’ I set it up, left the room, and listened to the radio play from the long corridor. Despite my jitters, it was well received. The event slowly decomposed over the next half hour to more hip Halloween sounds and the confluence of jubilant chatter. This was the first, I hope of many annual Halloween hootenannies and it was a BLAST! All around there were great stories, great readers, great music, great treats, and most importantly a ghoulishly great audience!

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