Mexico Lindo by the Living Brass

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Weíre back, like an old cat who answers to 'ow'zat!

An early acquisition from the thrift store, and I tell you what ever that place may lack in other areas it has an over abundance of groovy lounge albums. It is odd what shows up and at what time. When I bought this, it was a part of a glorious Spanish trinity. It was Mexico Lindo by the Living Brass, Mexican Shuffle by The Living Brass, and La Bamba by Mister Watermelon Man himself, Mongo Santamaria. Iíll appraise all three in subsequent posts.

Its no secret that I extremely enjoy traditional music and I actively seek it. Such as the Balinese Monkey Chant, Indonesian Gamelan Music, Scottish Bag Piping, Peruvian Pan Fluting, and Klezmer music of eastern Europe. It is one reason I love lounge music so much because its takes all those traditional sounds and instruments to perform mostly popular classics and some original works too. So I tend to buy the ìforeignî sound albums when I come across them.

Mexico Lindo, despite the name has very little of the Mariachi sound I was hoping for but I am not at all disappointed. There are gracious helpings of horns, maracas, flutes, marimbas, and guitars; the more instruments the better I like it. My advice to you is to grab your luggage full of jitterbugs, put your night cap down the hatch, then grab a rumba because you are about to take...

A trip to the Light, Fantastic Bubbling Brass Vibrations of Today!

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