Memories of The ‘Someone Wicked’ Publication Celebration!

The day, August 16th 2014 - The place, right off Main Street in Newark, Delaware, tucked away in an innocuous little strip mall, you find a bubbling cauldron of artistic alchemy that is the Newark Art Alliance, a legacy and legend in its own time.

What an extraordinary evening it was… it truly was a night of delights. So many wonderful folks came out to our shindig to hear us read our well-crafted tales of wickedness from the highly acclaimed Someone Wicked anthology by the Written Remains and its colleagues from around the world who joined us in furnishing the very best stories to this votive anthology that has astounded all who have read it.

It was a night to celebrate not only our excellent anthology that is blazing its way up the book charts but also a celebration of our energetic efforts to promote the book, of which, we are very proud. The night was divvied up into blocks and each block was an event in itself. Each block consisted of several authors reading three-minute excerpts from the stories within the book. Followed by a social time for folks to eat, drink, and be merry, which was accompanied by a musical interlude of exotic lounge music. It was a party for the fans of the book too not just the authors.

Over the course of the year, we have tempted the throngs with snippets of just some of the stories read by the local authors. However, tonight the audience was, at last able hear excerpts from nearly all twenty-one stories read by the authors themselves. Many us preformed double, triple, and quadruple duty to make sure the audience got to hear excellent excerpts from those faraway contributors who could not be there; some as far away as Canada and Holland! 
The place was constantly abuzz with activity as folks dropped in throughout the event to hear the resplendent readings, listen to the marvelous music, and socialize with friends, family, authors, and audience members alike. Of course, what gathering is complete without a delectable bounty of foods? There were several cheese and crackers spreads, a pasta salad, fruit dips, veggie dips, chips and dips, and the most popular dish of the evening were the aptly named deviled eggs. There was also beer, wine, soda, and coffee. There were also the vintage sodas at the 77 Jetset Strip table, but most thought they were ‘old and undrinkable’, little did they know they came right off the shelf that morning!

Speaking of music, 77 Jetset Strip brought lush sounds of lounge for the evening. Don’t be fooled by the misnomer, it is fun and interesting music specially for those music lovers with broad horizons which was just about everyone. 77 Jetset Strip’s new mascot, Travis made his rounds last night meeting and greeting people in fun photos ops. His cousin, Adam watched the event live from inside the prize box. Let’s hope he’s found a new happy new home!
The prize box, who could forget about the prize box, that was so jam packed full of books and swag, it was unlike anything you have ever seen. It was probably worth a two hundred dollars or more and contains hours upon hours of never ending enjoyment. 

Our publisher, Smart Rhino Publications was on hand, ready with their catalog of books, for the ardent audience members who just couldn’t wait another minute to get their hands on our anthology, and/or take a chance on one of the other fine anthologies put out by Smart Rhino. We were lucky because there were a quite a few of them last night. They really are our bread and butter, yin to our yang! 

The evening was officiated by the marvelous Maria Masington, who really brings with her a level of relaxing comfort and enthusiasm that sets the tone for the whole night. The grand Gail Husch deftly managed the hoards piling into parlor to partake in the popular potluck all the while keeping a keen eye out for the double dippers. The peerless Patrick Derrickson, always with modest finesse is the man of the hour for going above and beyond what is asked of him and he brought the cake too, which was just one more highlight of the evening.

The Someone Wicked ‘Cake by Tab’ was a thing to behold. It featured the ‘Someone Wicked’ book cover and back on top, but it was no ordinary book. It was a completely edible version and the audience ate it up. However, only pictures, not words will do it justice. Unfortunately, I sat on it, well, not on the cake itself, but the remnants on my plate and can you believe it, it happened just before I was about to read but it was easily cleaned up not that I am embarrassed by such things. 

Many thanks go out to the benevolent Bob Lutz who was our all seeing eye for the evening as he slipped in and out of the clusters, room to room capturing the evening in living color!  Equal thanks go to Dennis Lawson, Director of the Newark Arts Alliance for hosting our extra special soiree. And to Jeff Smith, from the NAA Board for making sure we had a ripsnorter without clamoring out into the night in a drunken revelry!

Biggest thanks goes out to JM Reinbold, Director of the Written Remains Writers Guild for her tireless efforts of pulling us together as a team and making sure all aspects undertaken by the team are orchestrated with as little margin for error or calamity anyone  could hope to achieve. 

Personally, I want thank all those I interacted with last night who kindly put up with my loquacious nonsense as I am comfortably out of sorts at most social gatherings. Nevertheless, I try, but maybe I do have lobsters coming out of my ears, what do I know.

Photos by: Robert Lutz, Ramona De Felice, and Justynn Tyme.

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