I know About You White Boy – A typical Dream by Justynn Tyme

Here, for your enjoyment is a dream I had last night that is almost complete except I am not sure what preceded this dreamscape. This is a typical dream, indicative of most dreams I have. Quite often, they are to a greater or lesser degree very abstract, strange, and humorous. You will notice too, I think the lack of emotional context because I usually have an overwhelming sense of awe and curiosity. I mention however, some states as they arise however briefly as the dream unfolds.

It began in front of the packaged meat isle of the grocery store, which ran across the entire width of the store. A rather wide isle that now had bar tables lined up opposite the meat shelves. I was already there and waiting at one of the tables for the concert that was supposed to take place. I looked around as people kept filling in around me and stretching down the vertical isles in great masses.

Suddenly, I became incredibly tired and as I listened to conversations about me, I quickly realized it was all tedious political talk and rhetoric. I did not want to stay because the talking was clamoring in my head. So I gathered up my papers from under the bat table I was at, which consisted of my drawings and pages from magazines and went into the back of the store.

Up the steps and into the warehouse and loading docks I went looking for a paper shedder. I knew one was up here because I after worked here. Heading down this dim corridor with my bulky papers, I passed other employees going about their duties. Sometimes I greeted most of the time not. I found the paper shedder under a portable desk on the loading dock amongst these towering scaffolds and crates. I started slipping bundles of papers in there five at a time. Then I noticed as one bundle of went quick in the teeth it was a picture of a topless girl in a blue turban drinking a piña colada from a coconut and I wondered how that go it my pile of papers.

After I put the last of my papers I meandered back up the narrow dimly light corridor where I noticed a group of fellow employees congregating. I saw the time clock on the wall and realized I had to clock-out for the night even though I was something like 72 hours into over time because I couldn’t remember when I last clocked-out. The other employees where talking with other as I struggled to get my hand out of my sleeve to swipe my time card. The wristband of my sweater was not stretchy at all. I couldn’t get my hand out, only get my the tips of my fingers out, but not enough to grab anything firmly. I stepped away from the time clock, to forcefully rip open the cuff of my sleeve. I ripped it and tried again and it still wasn’t wide enough. I ripped at it again, which prompted a female co-work, who was standing there looking very chic and beguiling in her white cotton ball coat to say…

“I know about you white boy.”

I found her quite alluring as she put on one of her Greta Garbo facials. I turned away again to tear at my sleeve when I noticed a very narrow brightly lit passageway. I leaned into it with my shoulders resting on both sides the opening and peered downward at the floor below. I was a school with lockers, numbered doors, posters on the wall and people walking around. Not affiliated with whatever had been going on in the meat isle.

Then I found myself, still futzing with sleeve opening in front of a book kiosk. They had a book I wanted to purchase. I finally got my hand out of my sleeve and reached for the book I wanted to buy, which was on a display rack on the counter. An annoyed female clerk snatched the book, walked to the back of the kiosk, and began wrapping it. Another friendlier female clerk, one whom I knew greeted me and told me…

“The book is twenty-five dollars, but you need to have a green five dollar bill and not the blue five dollar bill. But if all you have is a blue five dollar bill I was gladly vouch for you because we know enough other and that should be fine with management.”

Panged at how much this thin, magazine shaped book actually costs, I reluctantly rummage through my which I had brought up to the tip of my nose for some reason. As I flit through the bills, I found a twenty and I had both a green five and a blue five-dollar bill. So snatch a regular twenty, and green five and plopped on them counter. The snort of the lady in the back made me look and see I had accidentally pulled out a red one dollar bill instead. I pulled out the twenty and took back the one. The friendlier cashier took the money but the annoying one in the back chimed in…

“The book costs twenty-five dollar only with a mandatory donation of fifteen dollars for the little orphan pencil makers.”

Exasperated I just flung the last contents of my wallet on the counter forcefully which provoked the friendly casher to snipe…

“Oh! We have a hoity-toity costumer here.”

With my purchase complete, and glee in my heart to be finally getting out of work, I trickled obliquely down the stairs through another collection of people into the lobby. Before me the light outside poured in through the giant glass walls in effervesce beams. I pushed open the door, holding the previous door open with my foot as assist someone following me as leaned forward drastically to push open the door to the outside open.

At last I was outside, scanning the parking lot for my car. A wave of worry came over me as I could not find my car among those I saw. I moved indecisively around looking for my car. Blocking much of my view was a twenty four-door limousine with some hideously large name sprawl across it in sparkling iridescent letters. I climbed over the limousine and suddenly realized I had used forethought in parking knowing this event would be clogging up the parking lot. I was parked in the furthest lot in between to larger vehicles.

As I made my way to the car, I found myself facing a little convenience store with my cell phone held high. It was about the height of head and it felt as if it were held in place by bungee cords attached to a telephone pole behind me. I pulled at it with all my might as I continued toward the convenience store my progress ever so slowly, inch by inch.

In the midst of this, a grandfather comes out of the store with in grand daughter kicking and struggling on his shoulder. So I shout over to them quite jaunty...

“My cell phone doesn’t want me to go inside either” and I exhibit my current struggle for them. They both smile seeing, no doubt the silliness of their perspective positions and they go on their way enlightened.

I know About You White Boy – A typical Dream © by Justynn Tyme  

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