All-Out Monster Revolt Magazine Issue 3!

The new issue of the All-Out Monster Revolt Magazine is finally here!  After a extremely busy month, in June passionately dealing with events, meetings, prepping, and preparing  its not surprising we were behind our deadline. While are still a few loose ends the cinch, I am very happy to announce the release of All-Out Monster Revolt Magazine Issue 3. The supplemental King Kong edition.  However, strangely this issue is larger than the Issue 2 which was the preliminary King Kong edition. Weighting in at whopping 77 pages it is the largest issue ever! If you imagine had all the material arrive as it was planned in Issue 2  it would have been over 100 pages! Thats why I split it up into two issues. Evidently I did an uneven split as this issue could have been split in to itself. 
In this issue we continue to highlight King Kong but more importantly the would be King Kongs. There were a few serious contenders for the throne like Konga, Titano, Mytek and Kingu Kongu! 
We also were proud to have an exclusive interview with Brian Colin the brains behind the first giant monster arcade game RAMPAGE. He was interview by our own Ernestus Jiminy Chald who just happened to be Colins' biggest fan! 

Many people love giant monster films but what if I told you there was more truth to those films than you might realize. JM Reinbold, our fair editor explains how giant monster are slowly and quietly becoming a reality in her excellent piece Rise Of The Titans!

We also have a new feature within and that an exotic and original monster profile from the Master Monster Maker himself Alex Strang and his Cybergecko Kaiju Labs! Look for more in the next issue. We also introduce Nick Huber to the staff who will taking over the Monster Profiles (from the main stream media) as seen in AOMR Issue #1. Here he re-imagines Cybergecko's Ifdon in primeval fashion. 

I could go on and on about all the great articles, imagines and features inside Issue 3  but why not have a look for yourself.  It is truly is full of interesting, exciting, and fun information. Afterward if you think its the best, tell the rest!

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