Oh great! Another animal poised for exploitation. Using real honey bees venom to slightly alleviate arthritis. The article I just watched showed using live bees to sting multiple spots on the body.  This  is a terrible conclusion as honey bees are important for the pollinating all kinds of plants that are equally or more important to all of humankind such as food harvests.

Not to mention the already constant declining of bees due to humans fouling up their habitat. Since a honey bee can usually sting humans only once before dieing. How many value bees will die to momentarily alleviate pain before scientist wise up and make a synthetic version. Probably when its too late and all the bees are gone.

One more case of humans upsetting the balance for self benefit. I am not against humans feeling better or living longer or living healthier but not at the costs of thousands or millions of lives (insert any endangered or extinct species here)
* my response to the news feature last night *