Count Down To AOMR Issue 3

Its crunch time at the AOMR offices high up in Space Station X Minus One. We're finally getting back to the magazine after defending ourselves from attacks by several different globular kaijus this month. We were attacked by The Blob and The Green Slime and some their nasty friends. You can hear the invasion as it went down on the up coming episode of AOMR FM. But we're back on track finishing up the writing and editing and putting the whole shebang together for release on the 31st of June.

All-Out Monster Revolt has an important up-coming event we are attending. Its not a monster con but con of sort. The editor and I had the pleasure of sitting on the committee for a new Art and Book Fair here in Delaware. Now Delaware has had other book fairs but they were not very good for several reasons but this one is different. Its a celebration of local, independent, small press and self published authors and Imprints. It will be AOMR's second official outing to promote the project but its the first super serious effort as we move closer and closer to representing at the big conventions. Its a little difficult for us since much of what we do is digital and free free free and we don't have much physical to hand out or sell. So we needed to think outside the box and put into motion parts of the projects we were quite ready to launch.

For this event we have jumped two steps ahead and started our trading postcard series. A series featuring original kaiju from our various productions; there will be two cards available one for sale. This series prematurely launched will start out slowly since much of the art has not been generate yet but we'll do our best to get cards released at regular intervals.

AOMR Card #1: 
featuring our icon the Radio Active Mango; the dog kaiju and how he came about.

Event Card S1:
a special card for this event featuring new, original art of a classic kaiju that will be given out, upon request to the visitors to our table.

Meanwhile, work on the first anthology continues slowly but surely. There are a few other things we are working on that will be spoken about when they are finalized. But while most of this intangible you can still venture over to the official All-Out Monster Revolt website. If you haven't been in awhile the site has been revamped, simplified and expanded with new content. More on the way. I believe the daikaiju tracker is currently offline while I revamp and add more giant monster dna for the tracker to find. It will return soon better than ever. 

If you like what we're doing we'd love to hear from you!

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