Dai Kaiju Haiku Card Series Launches

Here is a sudden surprise, JM Reinbold, if you remember was the cover artist of our premiere issue. In the issue, instead of the customary art gallery that each cover artist gets JM wrote three 'Dai Kaiju Haiku' especially for this issue. I did the art for each haiku myself in order to flesh out the page.

The issue came out with a bang and the dai kaiju haiku was so well received that JM began reading them at open mic nights around the area along with Godzilla, Mothra and Gamera figures for visual effect. She wanted to do something extra special for the dai kaiju haiku readings and she asked me to produce something in commemoration of the historic first issue.

So we hit upon the idea of haiku cards, they are about the same size as trading cards with a new art on the front and JM Reinbold's 'Dai Kajiu Haiku' on the back. They will be released one at time in a limited run of 50 card per series, one card constitutes a series. When all three original have been released we will produce more dai kaiju haiku cards with new art and new monster haikus.

The set will be viewable on the all-out monster revolt website as they are released and you can either contact JM Reinbold to see if you can get a card or if you are local watch her calendar to see where she will be reading or attending.

Dai Kaiju Haiku Card - Series 1: Mothra has been printed and they are free upon request. But quantities are limited and they are only available from JM Reinbold.

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