The Guitar Style of Al Caiola

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There is no mystery to why I like lounge music. I prefer real instruments over electronically simulated artificially enhanced “real” sounding instruments. There is just something about the sounds, rhythms and meters a musician can elicit out their instrument especially when they really enjoy the music. Not that I feel any other musical styles are diminished by the lack of the manual approach. I just think it registers differently on our cerebral cortex.

However, it’s the same argument as which is better analog or digital. Like most people, I have a tapping foot in both camps but when the music incorporates bongos, castanets, xylophones, guitars, banjos, piano, bells and who knows what all else. My ear always leans more towards the sounds of these traditional techniques.

Such is the case with Al Caiola, who has become a fast favorite of mine. I first became aware of Al Caiola from his ‘Guitars, Woodwinds, and Bongos’ album; an early finding that left me enthralled and a fanatic for the sound!  ‘The Guitar Style of Al Caiola – 5 All-Star Guitars’ from the Living Stereo on the RCA Camden label, is a pure delight to listen to over and over and over and over and over until you can read the sheet music inside your ear canal.

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