The Best Of Mancini

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As I have professed in recent posted and certainly one look at me will reveal my current affliction. I am obsessed with the lounge music of 1950s. This is condition is marked by finding something you like, then listen to it so much until your turntable catches fire and the bridge burns down. Then, when the novelty wears off, you build a bridge back to the rest of your favorite music. In a way, it is easier with a whole genre because there is more variety and you can enjoy it for years. I don’t just like listening to it, but also unearthing it out of dusty old record bins full of neglected albums horribly abused behind closed doors.

One album I saved from a leisurely but imminent destruction is by Henry Mancini. Mancini is no stranger to the lounge culture but I want to warn you there is a chorale in parts of this album. Yes, a chorale! I detest a chorale and when I first listened to the album it was all could I hear. I thought back to what I just listened to and exclaimed ‘Egads! Send it back! Send it back!” Then I heard ‘Experiment in Terror’ and exclaimed ‘Egads! Give it back! Give it back!”

Let me reassure you while most of the songs on ‘The Best of Henry Mancini’ are great!  ‘Moon River’, ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ and ‘Charade’ are the exceptions because they have a chorale; unless you like that sort of thing. Honestly, ok, ok, it’s not awful. I was marred early in life by the hideous harmonizing of a chorale and I have never been the same since.

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