Si Zentnter - From Russia with Love

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Cast an eyeball over here, Melvins. I am getting closer to the ‘Swinging Eye.” The vinyl gods have been smiling on me lately. For what did I find stuck between a 2003 Teddy Bear Christmas calendar and the best Anne Murray but none other than a Si Zentner album! The first one was a fluke but now this album shows up. Where are they all coming from? Certainly not around here and I’ll tell you why! This is the interesting bit about the thrift store that I frequent…

I have been a patron of this thrift store for a long, long time and I have donated my fair share of ‘can’t live with outs’. After I donated a particular big mess, I started watching to see if my stuff would show up on the shelves. Months later, I never saw a single thing I donated. The next time I dropped something off, I interrogated the attendant…

“Where the hell does this stuff go (I asked wildly gesticulating) because it’s not going in there.” Well, as bizarre as it may sound I was told that all the donations dropped off at this Delaware thrift store are loaded on to a truck and shipped to Texas. All donations from Texas are brought here. What?

“Si Zentnter’s - From Russia with Love” on the Liberty label, is an exciting collection of movie and television themes. Sizentnerfied if you will. Zentner puts his unique spin on these popular themes and they become so much more than fond memories. They actually carry with it a completely new adventure. 

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