Si Zentner - Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Posted on 77 Jetset Strip

When I stumbled across this album in the thrift shop, I was agog. I don’t know why this cover spoke to me maybe because Si is a bit strange looking. Maybe it’s because the woman looks like Mary Tyler Moore. Maybe it’s because I can see myself in there because I am rather strange looking too. All I know is, I just had to have it, and you might very well ask why? Well, the great cover says it all doesn’t it! Exactly what it really says is still a mystery but this is what I heard a booming voice….

“Hey! You, man of magnate! You, man of distinction (emphasis on stink). This is your type of lounge music! This man is so awesome that beyond all reasoning they just had to put him of the cover. Don’t think twice. Buy it, but it now!” …and so that is exactly what I did and I am glad I did because it is a slick platter.However, much to my dismay there is a chorale on ‘My Devotion.’  In doing a little research on Si Zentner I found another album called 'The Swinging Eye' which I am itching to get my sweaty hands on.

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