Ruth Welcome – Zither in ¾ Time

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Now here is a rather odd album I found in one of the great expeditions of 2014. Actually, it was just last week at the writing of this post. I’ll be talking about that haul all through out May. Found seven great albums and not a clinker in the bunch. Not even this album by ‘Ruth Welcome – Zither in ¾ Time’.

While this album features the zither, it only gives a slightest resemblance to the Hawaiian / Polynesian sound. It makes me feel like I am punch-drunk or I have the turntable on the wrong speed. It induces a strange effect on you… I think it’s called “Sleep”

Normally, I get quite irritated when someone tells me the music I like puts them into a coma. Those are fighting words: custard pies at dawn and all that. However, this is album fits that description perfectly. The cover suggests the tone album with an elegant couple engaged in ballroom dancing. This album is not for dancing its laying around waiting for laundry to dry.  It might be good to hear while your gently slobber all over a lover before the fire. I don’t know, I just don’t know. I keep looking on the album sleeve to see if it was made for some institution like Dr. Ravinaul’s Sanitarium.

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