Ferrante & Teicher - You Asked For It!

Posted on 77 Jetset Strip

I have been on a mission ever since Glen Leslie of ‘Jetset Planet’ mentioned that Ferrante and Teicher did interesting music on their early records. At the time, it sounded as if he was moved by excellence, but after hearing a dozen or so albums by this talented duo I can say, Nah.  Of course, its only one man’s opinion but I just can’t get into many solo instruments albums especially when they are backed by a flowery orchestral arrangement.

However, here is one album that has a few tracks that appeal to me, enough so that I intend to keep it instead of rolling it over. As I haven’t done any real research so I can’t say how early this album is but in the future I think I’ll let the more discerning ear of Glen Leslie pluck out the better pieces of Ferrante and Teicher. As I have with the Illinois Street Lounge and the Three Suns.

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