101 Strings - Fire and Romance

Posted on 77 Jetset Strip

I tend to like my favorite genres of music to be radically different from one another. Its bughouse I know, but I don’t like my lounge music sounds too much like swing music or classical music. I listen to lounge music for the same reasons a metallurgist tries to make gold. I love lounge music, I want lounge music, and I want to be spellbound beyond my wildest dreams. That’s why I lounge music because it’s vaguely similar to swing and classical but divergent enough to ping my little brains in a whole new way.

101 Strings has always been a bit tricky. By the nature of the ensemble how can they not sounding like traditional classical music. So in turn, I tend to pick up an album by them with some hesitation, not because they are awful quite the contrary. ‘Fire and Romance’ is an exception. Like the celebrated ‘Best Of 101 Strings’ anthologies. This album has a refreshing wide variety through out the whole album. So much so the leaning toward he classical sound is hardly noticed. After subsequent listening I have come to realize it has all the elements of a great lounge album even if not in the manner to which I am normally attracted. So, thank you kindly Ernesto Lecuona and Monty Kelly for the flabbergasting. I deserved it.  

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